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Follow a revitalization course at the Paul Niehans Clinic.

A haven for fresh vitality and renewed zest.

In Switzerland at the upper end of Lake Geneva, the Paul Niehans Clinic is situated in the charming little town of Vevey, just 50 minutes away from Geneva’s International Airport.

The Clinic was founded by the daughter of Professor Paul Niehans with the collaboration of Dr. Edouard Bärtschi and is therefore the first and only clinic entitled to bear this illustrious name. Besides having a medical staff with first-class qualifications, it is equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructures necessary for providing the revitalization treatment.

The Clinic is located nearby of the Hôtel du Lac, completely renovated palace hotel on border of Lake Geneva.

Thus the Clinic can provide top class medical care as well as ensuring that even the very highest standards as regards of comfort, service and cuisine are satisfied. From their rooms, our patients enjoy a marvellous view over the Lake of Geneva and the French Alps.

Who is Prof. Paul Niehans?

Paul Niehans was a Swiss doctor who got famous for inventing and developing cellular therapy, a method by which he has successfully treated thousands of patients. His renown grew through his treatment of Pope Pius XII and many crowned heads such as King Ibn Saoud, politicians such as Konrad Adenauer and famous film stars such as Charlie Chaplin.

Paul Niehans Clinic
Dr. P. Niehans with
Pope Pius XII
One of the most famous
Paul Niehan's patient,
Charlie Chaplin. His statute
is located nearby
of the Clinic.